Friday, April 24, 2009

Winnie the Pooh is Dead

Today, I found Winnie the Pooh floating face down amongst the cattails. Oh well...

Before leaving the East channel of the burial island I spot 2 hooded mergansers, 4 geese (1 nesting), 2 herons, Redwing blackbird, some swallows and I surprise a snipe while fetching some foam debris. A kingfisher strikes behind me while I'm preparing for a photo. The cattails look like Pronto Pups that have been rolled in feathers right after being removed from the deep fat fryer. I head North across the bay to the lunch counter. Scattered buffleheads and scaup in the bay, but the duck count is way lower than in midwinter. Some Common Mergansers are near the lunch counter. At the NE lagoon, kingfishers are working, several heron around, the #1 goose nest is well. Inside the lagoon I watch a heron hunting in the shadows, its head held out horizontally, walking very very slowly and steady so as not to disturb the water. Then I head to the north shore to pick plastic out of the cattails. I find an especially rich plastic soup spot and work it for 90 minutes.

Everytime it starts to look somewhat clean, a deeper scoop into the water brings more shit to the surface. I end up collecting 50+ gallons today. I get hungry and I paddle towards home. Oh yeah, it is another day where I see a great blue heron about every hundred yards of shoreline.

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