Monday, April 6, 2009

Big Calm Water

I walk the canoe down to Lake Washington. It is very calm and already in the upper 60's. Today, I cross the lake. It is a 2 mile crossing. Aside from a grebe, there are few birds out here. The lake is deep, so only fish eating birds have much to do out here. It is so calm that floating objects can be seen a long way off. I spot a feather from more than 100 yards and stop to take photos of it when I get "there". Once across, I paddle under "the bridge that I rarely mention" with only 60 feet of headroom to spare. Then it is straight back towards Union Bay. This stretch is a hit zone for canoes, but there are so few motorboats out today that it is quite pleasant. I notice that on both ends of the floating "bridge that I rarely mention" are areas of floating debris. I'm sure that these patches form because of the "bridge that I rarely mention's" design. Mostly it is woody debris, but I pick up 10 tennis balls. In the bay, the birds seem to be relaxing today, not much happening. The U is renting a lot of canoes to people that don't think life jackets are necessary when the water is 45F. Some day they are going to get sooo sued for letting people have the option - it's just a drowning waiting to happen. I tell some frat boys to put the jackets on and they oblige me, because I have my Forest Circus hat on. They take them off when they think they are out of sight. I collect a garbage bag worth of junk and walk home.

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