Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring is near

It rained hard and snowed some last night. Today the sun comes and goes and the early 35F temperature climbs to 50F by the time I get into the water. It is calm and most pleasant. The lake is as high as I have seen it. I paddle deeper into the marsh than I normally can do. Cattails are coming up now, the lily pads that were almost to the surface have disappeared with the rising water. There are still quite a few common mergansers on the lake. Buffleheads, widgeons and coots are still here. I see a few ring-necked ducks and some scaups and quite a few heron. Song birds are now very active in the cattails. I paddle by the goose nest that I saw a week or so ago. It is still the only nest that I have seen so far and while I am taking a photo, the mate comes over with a clear aim of making me leave. The dirtberg has only two small patches above the surface, maybe 4 feet in diameter each, and it hasn't moved. I spend some time above it. It is a bit of a time capsule, having brought a few pieces of junk to within reach of the surface. I find an old pop can pull tab and an early non-aluminum pull-tab Budweiser can. A pretty exciting day. I just look forward and paddle, feeling the rhythm and listening to the sound of my paddle as it dips into and exits the water.

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