Monday, April 20, 2009


About 70F and sunny. Probably a two drowning day for the Seattle area. Made the mistake of paddling in Union Bay in the afternoon. After 6 months of having the area almost to myself, this is no fun. Rental canoes weaving drunkenly about the bay with unlifejacketed college kids in 45 degree water. I even got run into once.

HOWEVER, I counted a 58 common mergansers in a flock at the mouth of the NE lagoon. I haven't seen that many in a tight group before. I'm also pretty sure that the widgeons, northern shovelers and teal are gone for the season (I knew something was missing). The buffleheads and mergansers should leave soon. Turtles are out sunning. Mid-afternoon is just not a ideal time for wildlife action when it is nice. Must try to be less lazy and get out earlier.


nsarmila said...

i have written a comment for one of your older posts. but you didnt reply. its not fair.....sarmila

Scott Schuldt said...

I'm sorry Sarmila, I didn't see the comment - I'm new to this and forgot to check. So, let's start over.
I do appreciate your following my blog.

nsarmila said...

i am just surprised to see your new entry for my name !!i even showed the piece to one of my colleagues out of my sudden feelings...thank you so much Scott.