Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Invention is the Mother of Necessity

50F cloudy weather has returned and I once again have the bay to myself. Aside from coots, common mergansers seem to be the most plentiful ducks in the bay. I see them in near the N shore and along the W islands. There may be a couple hundred of them in the bay. Buffleheads are more scarce and I see a just a few scaup plus the ringneck duck that seems to have settled here. One eagle perches at the entrance to the NE lagoon. Today is a trash picking day. I finally got around to building my trash net, a piece of 1 inch chicken wire on a 15 inch diameter hoop mounted to a 6 foot long wood stick. Very high tech. I've already removed the big garbage - the foam and buoys, so I am working down the size chain. The net lets me scoop debris from edges of the marsh. The most recognizable junk that I get is the 30-40 tennis balls. Unfortunately, so much plastic isn't recognizable, it's just small chunks of colored junk, fist sized hunks of packing foam and yucky plastic bag pieces. I leave so much behind, I just can't reach it or sift it all out. I tell myself that it is something you just keep doing and someday you'll realize that it made a difference. I make two trips and fill a 40 gallon garbage can to the brim with shit (the best word in the english language for it).
Happy Earthday - 39 years old and ignored for only 30 of them.
Everyday is Earthday, Fuck George W. Bush and his friends.

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