Friday, April 10, 2009

Low Tide

For a few days, I was afraid that I had missed spring. It is about 45F with an inconsequential breeze and an occasional light rain. The clouds are low and thick. I set out from Elliot Bay almost at low tide to go to a shoreline clay deposit and collect some flat silt-stones for an art project. I made the mistake a week ago of going at high tide and finding the deposit underwater. I get my stones this time although I do I have to wade some. Most of the time I am 200 yards from shore and paddling in 2 feet of water. I spot some peach colored blobs on the bottom as I a paddle. Finally stopping, they turn out to be moon snails. I'd only seen the shells and did not realize that they had so much flesh on the outside. They are big. Many goldeneyes are around mixed with a few buffleheads. On the return, I spot an eagle sitting on four mile rock. At different times, four different seals have surfaced and watched me pass. Seals always remind me of something supernatural. They seem to be passive, expressionless and always watching from a distant with large bottomless eyes. I think of the sulkie (see John Sayles fine movie, "The Secret of Roan Inish".

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