Monday, April 27, 2009

Opportunity is Another Word for "Problem"

It is in the mid 50's and sunny with a 10mph wind out of the north. I have no chores today, or I should say, I have given myself no chores today. I start out paddling in all of the nooks and crannies of the marsh east of the burial island. I'll not be able to go here when the lake level drops during the summer. Redwing blackbirds and great blue herons are my companions in the marsh, but it is by my choice and not theirs. I sit for a spell and see if anything wanders in. It doesn't. I continue by paddling my 34 inch wide canoe into any long opening in which it will fit and work my way along until it becomes a 28 inch opening. Then I back out. I spot gorgeous auburn colored duck that I am not familiar with (it was a cinnamon teal, maybe in for the summer). An unbelievably beautiful duck. Opportunity knocks... I find and haul out two car tires along with 8 tennisballs. Now I have to paddle to the dump site across the bay. The wind isn't so bad. Scattered buffleheads, common mergansers still around in groups of 12 or 20. Then, Downwind back to the put-in.

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