Friday, February 27, 2009

Solar Recharge

The day is sunny, calm, and in the mid 40's. After a few days of rain/snow/clouds, everyone - birds, animals, people seem to recharge themselves in the sun. I carefully search Union Bay and there are only six swans remaining. So, sometime in the last few days five have left the bay. They did not come to the bay all together, so I see no reason for them to leave as a group. The 3 grays and 3 of the white mature swans remain. At the northernmost of the west islands there are 19 blue herons sitting on the bank. 16 of them are within 20 feet of each other, some sight. I head over to the NE corner of the bay. While picking debris (I get 30 lbs) from the cattails, 5 eagles fly overhead. Something territorial is going on. One eagle breaks off, the other four continue until almost out of sight over the burial island and then a second one returns. I watch this one and I am rewarded when I see it join its mate at their nest. I did not know exactly where the nest was and I am surprised that it can be seen from the water. I also see several kingfishers today. I return through the east channel next to the burial island - it is easy going as there is 2 or 3 inches of extra water in the lake due to the recent rain. Near the take-out, there are quite a few teal sunning themselves until I get near.

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