Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just Enough Wind

I put in on the north shore of Elliot Bay. It is in the 40's and while it was calm at my house, the wind is coming in from the west and it is moderately stiff. There is a harlequin duck on the shore when I start off. At the first ruin, an old rock pier/foundation, there is a bald eagle sitting in a tree. The wind is brisk, but I go out to 4 mile rock before deciding to continue. There, where one is more exposed to the whole of Puget Sound, the wind is blowing from the northwest. I see a surf scoter and several goldeneyes. Waves are about one foot and the wind is in my face as I move towards West Point (in the photo). If I stop paddling, I move backwards. I can see gusts coming towards me, they ripple the water into gray patches. A kayaker passes, heading downwind. I hope that he is on his return leg - his boat is better suited for the wind. Anyway, we're too far apart to talk. As I get closer to West Point, I get some protection from the wind and the going gets a little easier, so I keep going. I stop for a break. Sitting in the sun on the beach, out of the wind and drinking coffee, I remember what I fine place this beach is. Then I load up and cruise downwind. I spot two eagles above. I love being in wind because of the warm glow that comes over me when I get out of the wind.

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