Sunday, February 15, 2009

Herons and eagles and swans

S joined me today for a paddle in Union Bay. It was about 40F with a breeze out of the north that made the trip brisk. Up near the north point perch I spotted a pod of large turtles, all floating together just two inches under the surface. The largest was dinner plate size and the other three nearly that large. One eagle was in the lunch counter perch with a tasty flock of coots floating just a short way off. While we ate lunch, the female eagle came in and settled on the perch and the two of them whistled at each other for a few moments. Otherwise, they did not look so interested in hunting. The eleven swans were in a tight group between the west islands and when we drifted up on them to get a clear count, they honked and swam a few yards to keep their distance as we moved by to leave them to their feeding. There were many more herons out today than what I normally see and they were very active moving around. We also saw a snipe while close to the cattails and a couple kingfishers.

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