Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Like a Rolling Start

It is in the mid 30's and sunny with a light breeze. I roll my canoe down the hill and put in from the burial island.
A raccoon is on a downed log to my right. It is soaking wet and leaves wet tracks along the top of the log as it moves off. As I go north between the last of the islands I see a red tailed hawk to my right. It gets up and moves over to trees on the burial island. One eagle is at the lunch counter, people on shore are watching it. The swans are near the west islands.When I get closer to the lunch counter, I see that the eagle is eating something small. Crows are complaining. They have begun to pester the eagles more often, lately. I take a handful of compass bearings from the lunch counter. Then I paddle straight over to the north point perch and take a few more bearings. Paddling over by the west islands I count 11 swans. The grays are off by themselves. While I take a few more compass bearings they come to 50 yards, they are curious. The mature swans stay over 100 yards out. The smaller male eagle is in trees on the west shore. Done messin' about, I head through the cut and onto Lake Union where I take out at Good Turn Park, a tiny little and very nice park tucked in where no one would expect to find a park.

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