Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Great Day

Today it is about 50 F, sunny, and calm. I walk the canoe a mile east to Lake Washington. Then I head North. Big waterfront houses on the left, a bunch of larger ducks that I don't recognize on the right. Once in Union Bay I stop and eat my lunch, a bowl of rhubarb crunch. The eleven swans are in the NW corner, one eagle is at the lunch counter perch. Things are pretty calm, including the birds. Everything is sunning itself. Then I continue through the cut and along the north shore of Portage Bay. It's just a day for cruising along... From the cut, the waterfront gets more industrial with marinas, drydocks and fishing boat moorage mixed with houseboats. The drydock operations are always kind of interesting, the marinas are not. At the south end of Lake Union, I get out and walk up the hill to home.

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