Friday, February 6, 2009

More Water

Something seemed different today. It was in the 40's, a light wind from the north and quite gray. It was fairly raw weather. But the lake looked different and it was. I think the water level was up 3 or 4 inches. One eagle was at the west shore perch. A very large flock of mixed ducks was in mid-bay. The three immature swans were off by themselves, the eight mature swans were mixed in with ducks. The dead swan has all but disappeared, nothing but some pink feathers left. Perhaps the inattentive coyote finally found it and dragged it farther from shore. There was an eagle on the lunch counter perch, maybe the same one I had seen earlier. As I paddled away, the frantic flapping wooshing sound of a hundred coots got my attention and I turned to see the eagle fly low over them, straight towards me. About 20 yards away it wheeled and snatched something from the water. Maybe a fish or maybe some carrion. Then it flew direct to the lunch counter. Another 50 yards on I spotted a red tailed hawk in a small tree. It was eating part of a duck (I could see one webbed foot) and while it kept track of me, it was content to let me drift within 10 yards.

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