Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Seeing Things

I walked the canoe down to Union Bay. Last night we got 2 inches of snow. There was some wind from the north, but it seemed to lessen as the day went on. I spotted 6 swans near the west islands (3 gray, 3 white). I did not see the other 5, although they could've been on the other side of an island from me. As I forgot my binoculars, I could not count from any distance due to patches of snow still on the shoreline. I did not see any eagles today. On the shore, near a place where there had been a Duwamish longhouse, there were 13 blue herons and I thought of how herons seem to be part elder and part ghost. They were in a 50 yard stretch of shore, so they made quite a sight. I circled the bay, in case the 5 swans were on a far shore, but they weren't. And, I haven't seen the otters in a long time, come to think of it. In the photo is the northernmost beaver lodge in Union Bay. With a wind at my back, I headed out into the main lake and south for a couple miles.

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