Friday, February 20, 2009

My New Paddle

I was in a creative funk this morning. Should be doing something but not feeling like doing anything. I hate that. So, I loaded the canoe and walked to South Lake Union. As soon as I started walking I felt better. It is a beautiful day, sunny, calm and heading towards 55F. Lake Union, mostly industrial ship stuff or marinas and houseboats is nice today. No other traffic on the lake other than 3 seaplanes that land. There are some scaups about near the north end and I notice that the two ships on the right of the photo are the Labrador and the Retriever. I have my new paddle out, a traditional shaped spruce one that I just completed. It is a little thick in places, but works well and I like it better than my store bought one. A few modifications and it will be nice. I'll make another, it was fun. Once through Portage Bay and the cut I head CW around Union Bay. I spot one eagle hunting something on the other side of an island. It is circling and swooping and has probably got a coot to dive. I surprise the big female eagle as I come around an island. She was sitting on a drift log just 4 feet from two Canada geese. She flies over to the "birch perch" and 4 other geese quickly get up and fly over and land directly under her - odd behaviour. I see the swans flying on the far side of the bay and I pause to look at the big female eagle in the birch. When I break my gaze, I look around I realize that I can see six herons and two bald eagles and that two raccoons are watching me. I head over towards the swans (eleven), which are scattered today in twos and threes and then turn SE towards the main lake. Now it is just time to paddle, not think, just listen to the rhythm and watch my upper arm as it sweeps across my view.

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