Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mapping Beaver Lodges

It is in the low 40's with a gray sky and a 10-15 mph wind. The weather report says the wind is out of the SE, but as typical, it comes from a different direction out on the bay. Most of the ice is gone and the east channel around Foster Island (see photo) is surprisingly ice free. The ducks are still gathered in large flocks out in the bay, especially near the west shoreline, which is more protected from a wind out of the NW. I see 5 swan in mid-bay and later count at least 8 - there may be a few more, but I am 3/4 mile distant. There is an immature eagle perched in a tree on the west shore. I don't see the mating eagle pair. Otherwise, today I GPS beaver lodges for a possible art project and end up picking trash when opportunity unexpectedly appears. I wrestled about half of a reinforced construction tarp ie one of those cheap blue tarps. It is deteriorating (not biodegrading) and I discover that all of those reinforcing fibers come loose and leave an awful tangle that will probably trap an animal someday.
But, the day is cold and blustery and the days trip clears my head just as I thought it might.

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