Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I start early today and I am in the water by 8:30. This afternoon the rain and wind is supposed to come. At my put-in, there are footprints in the ice leading to a hole 30 feet from shore. Fortunately, there are footprints coming back and the water would have been less than waist deep including the muddy bottom. The ice has receded enough that I can scoot my canoe over the ice 40 feet to the water. When I get to the main bay, I spot 4 swan. They are 3/4 of a mile away on the far side, but easy to spot with the naked eye. So, I paddle counterclockwise around the bay. I don't see the eagles, but as I get closer to the lunch counter, I spot 4 more swan, one of which is still gray. That group flies off when I get within 75 yards. The others swim away. I also spot a solitary horned grebe. I decided to pick some trash as yesterdays wind storm has moved some logs around so that I can get closer to shore. This time, I get out of the boat on a firm hummock to collect the junk. In the photo you can see one of the last really visually offensive pieces of floatation foam. It was 2 x3 x 1 feet. I also gathered 12 tennis balls, some plastic bottles, old rope, and several lightbulbs. It always amazes me that lightbulbs survive so well. There's so many bits of plastic that remain - I'll need a net to gather that stuff or I would be there all day. As I am picking trash, a nearby flock of ducks (at least 100) take off and I swing around to see the two eagles hunting as a team. No catch this time, but they take a perch in a tree near the lunch counter and bide their time. The trees in the photo are also a favorite perch for the eagles.

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