Friday, December 5, 2008


Today was calm and 45 degrees. I started to go out for a walk, but decided to take advantage of the weather. I paddled the 4 mile round trip between Shilshole bay and Carkeek Park. This is the time of year when lake temperature is dropping below the almost constant 55 degrees of the sound. I spotted one lone Brandt at my put-in. A hundred yards further, a seal watched as I went by. Otherwise, lots of golden eyes, a variety of grebes and some buffleheads. There were widgeons near Carkeek. Yesterday, I had noticed that they were not on the lake. Being on the saltwater is different than the lake. The big ships a mile out in the shipping lanes throw wakes that are gentle swells by the time they reach me. It's a noticable rise and fall and it could almost put one to sleep.

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