Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Checking on Stuff

I'd rather paddle somewhere else today, but I needed to check on stuff from two days back. It looks like the two raccoons that were in the live traps are free. I head over to the dead swan. Someone or something has laid the head back on the body and there is a wound at the back of the head/neck. If it is a scavenger, it is a small one - but it has to be big enough to pull the head and neck out of the water, so who knows... One eagle is at the lunch counter perch and the other is on the Foster Island perch. They are taking runs at flocks of ducks every once in awhile, so they haven't eaten today. I see two attacks, but no kills. The eagle in the photo (it's at the lunch counter) was quite busy and I drifted for several minutes to see if it had a catch, but it was just busy drinking water.

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