Wednesday, January 28, 2009

At the Lodge

In the mid 40's today. It was dead calm when I got into the water, but the sun broke through right then and put just enough breeze on the water to break the glassy surface. Here's the biggest of the beaver lodges on the bay. It is about 9 feet tall and 30 feet in diameter. I headed counter-clockwise around the bay today. I saw three eagles today, one on the log boom, one on the west shore and the third at the lunch counter perch. As I paddled too close to one, it got up and made a run at some ducks that were a few hundred yards out. I've noticed this behavior, that they seem to be content to sit, but if you disturb them they will take advantage of it and go ahead and try their luck at hunting. The dead swan has now been dragged onto the shore and scavangers continue to work at it. I still don't think that a coyote has found it, I would expect a coyote to rip it up pretty good. There was a coyote scat pile about 20 yards from the swan, but no telling how old it was. It was a territorial marker, conveniently dumped on an old plastic coffee can lid.

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