Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wild Hair Day

It is almost sunny and 39 degrees today. The bay appears as it really is. I should be making art, but I need to get out and procrastinate, so, I do. I paddle straight across the bay to check on the swan carcass and it is as it was. Then, I do the log dance and retrieve one of the abandoned buoys for the garbage heap. I decide to go back and get the last of the abandoned buoys and dump it also. These things are PVC plastic, about 4-1/2 feet long with about 50 lbs of ballast in the bottom. They cut loose from their moorings several years ago and have been sitting in the marsh since. Now, there are no more. Paddling over to the garbage cans with some foam chunks, I spot two sad raccoons stuck in the nutrea live traps. They should be out tomorrow. The third, which might be a mother is about 40 yds further along the shore. Then I head home.

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