Sunday, January 18, 2009

Almost a Perfect Day

It is a beautiful, calm, sunny day. S joined me for the first hour. She hadn't seen the swans or even been out in the canoe for a month or so. Since yesterday, one of the swans has died (in the photo). I was picking trash in this area, so I am sure it happened within the last 24 hours. Tried to contact the Burke Museum to see if their zoology or ornithology folks might want the carcass, but couldn't get through to anyone. There are coyotes in the area and I would expect them to find it soon. I took a close look and didn't see anything obvious. There aren't any power lines or real flight hazards near, so who knows... Anyway, I just stayed out and paddled as it was so nice. Went over to the south end of Portage Bay, which is a bit natural, but nothing interesting there, yet. So, I did another lap around the bay. The eagles showed up then. The ducks are much more wary than they used to be. They hang in mid-bay now and take flight when the eagles are in the air, even when they are at a distance.

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