Sunday, January 10, 2010

We... for a Change

We put in on a calm big lake with a day where a little bit of sun looks like it will be giving in to clouds. No one else is on the water as far as we can see, and we head north, passing a few buffleheads and cormorants on the way. There aren't many birds on the big lake, which some people think is due to the depth, but actually it has more to do with most of the lakeshore being "improved", replacing reeds, beach, and brush with walls of rock. The waterfowl habitat is gone.
Entering Union Bay, we pass a dozen Canada geese. Soon, an eagle flies over to a high perch in a fir tree. A half dozen sanderlings seem to own the largest dirtberg, the hundred footer. We head up into the NE lagoon where we can see something large sitting in a tree. Closer, it is an immature red tailed hawk and it is being closely watched by stellar's jays, six - no eight, a rare site, so many in one spot. A northern flicker is there also. We beach and I show Sarah the trees that the beaver has been cutting, as clean and neat as if it had a sharp axe.
We head out, following the east edge of the west islands.

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