Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Rain

It is calm, although not so calm as it appears. Thick gray overcast makes the water appear like spring ice, the last vestiges of a frozen lake when the surface is more slush than solid. But this is not ice.It rains the whole day without let up and I head south along the shore of the big lake, just to do something different. I take few photos because it seems to be a trip to be inside my head and in this direction, the big lake is not so much for the eye. I pass flocks of buffleheads every so often and also some common megansers, cormorants and farther out in the lake, small grebes. After a few miles, I return and pass my starting point to head north to the east marsh to see something natural and beautiful. The wind picks up when I am just short of the east channel of the burial island. Ducks are beginning to find protected places to sit out the evening.

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