Thursday, January 21, 2010


I put in at south Lake Union and paddle in and out of the industrial water areas. The dry dock is busy today with a NOAA research ship, the McArthur, undergoing work. Power grinders and what sounds like sand blasters run endlessly. Cranes lift, rotate, drop and then lift their loads to the tune of bells, buzzers, two finger whistles and shouts. Someone hammers on metal. Something is getting done, work is happening.Union Bay - The clouds roll in, but it stays warm and calm, and dry. Ducks are fairly scattered and it doesn't take long to find out why. A flock takes flight a half mile across the bay and I spot an eagle circling on the hunt. I move on and then,
more ducks in the air as the eagle speeds,
and it is really speeding,
low, just three feet above the water,
and scattering ducks in all directions
all the way across the bay to take on something
out of view between two of the west islands.
It circles only once before settling and one can assume that lunch has been served. Up in the NE lagoon, I find a good set of beaver tracks and take plaster casts of two hind prints.

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Jim said...

would love to see the beaver prints. Great blog. keep paddling.