Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Photo -the NE lagoon, where Yesler Creek once flowed.

I start near the west end of the ancient portage.
The beaver continue to add to their lodge here.
A well worn trail up the west side shows where they
have pushed new material to the top.
It is a warm and calm winter day.City noises travel far today.
When I get up to #1 island in Union Bay, red wing
blackbirds trill steadily until I get too close.
Then they change to a chipping sound, a warning to the others, I suppose.
I sit in the north marsh for a good while
admiring last winters handywork.
Plastic will forever be embedded in the bog,
but at least it looks cleaner.
I see no eagles. The ducks and coots are at peace,
a thousand black specks out in the bay.
The squeaking whistle of widgeons sneaks through the city sounds.
Their consistency seems a good thing.


Jim said...

Just read you recent post to my Daughter. It sounded like peotry. beautiful

Scott Schuldt said...

Thank you. That means very much to me.