Saturday, January 2, 2010


It is not a day that one would normally set out in in a canoe. It is gray and cold, which bothers me not a bit, but there is a steady 15-20 mph wind from the south. I put in on south Lake Union.
The downwind trip to the north is not as fast as one would think as a good chunk of each paddle stroke is used up keeping the bow pointed toward where I intend to go. It is busy paddling. In Portage Bay, I hug the houseboats for the upwind leg. I would hug the shoreline except that the houseboats here have blotted the shore from view and access. Then, a quick crosswind dash into the cut, which is well protected from the wind. Reaching Union Bay I realize that compared to the previous bodies of water, this place is calm no matter the wind speed. There are a bunch of common mergansers near Marsh Island. It is a special place.

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