Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Calm Rain

The big lake is calm, calm as a small forest pond surrounded by tall trees and hidden from the slightest wind.
It rains and a small grebe floats a 100 yards off, as alone right now as I am.Cars are jammed up on the big bridge a mile north. It doesn't have to be that way, but people, when pushed, often close themselves in and see no other way. That is part of the draw of the big lake for me. Is is so wide with the trees so distant and the sky so huge that I can only expand when I am there - not trying but just naturally flowing to fill the space.
The far shore is distant enough that one can imagine that they are far in the wilderness.
There is just so much to this world.
Now, I count 10 of the medium sized grebes and a flock of buffleheads takes off across my bow. They make a whirring sound when they do that and it is their own signature.
As I paddle up the east side of Union Bay, I find the eagle pair on the peak of the same boathouse where I saw them a few days earlier when they argued with a third eagle over territory.
It is still raining.
The sound of rain on the lake is

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