Monday, May 4, 2009

Smart Water, Dumb Packaging

Smart Water, dumb bottle...

Boating season opened on Saturday. Big motor boat parade, rowing races and general floating mayhem among big cabin crooosers tied to a half mile of log boom. It is Monday, so boating season is over and they are all gone until the fourth of July where alchohol, motor boats and fireworks mix for one day and one day only. Then boating season opens for labor day weekend for the annual "running over of some poor swimmer contest" and then it closes until the next May.

Got an early start today. Had the lake to myself except for the work boats retrieving the log boooom. I made a decent hand made sketch map of the bay today using my homemade plane table. Got bit by some ants, just to make it seem like work. Very few ducks left on the bay. Saw a few hooded mergansers, only six common mergansers and a pair of cinnamon teal (so pretty). I did not see any goslings and wonder if the early hatchlings get predated on more than normal. Saw two large broods of mallard ducklings. Herons around, but not as many as normal (did the weekend boating disturb them?). Very calm day, which helped when I took bearings for my map from the canoe (it pretty much can't rotate when you're doing that). Retrieved a few large boat fenders - the amateurs never check their gear before going out, and I got a super swell cheapass yacht cap, which somehow ended up in a garbage can... and tennis balls, always tennis balls.

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