Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I forgot to take a scenery shot today, so all I have to show is 30 gallons of junk and 1 car tire.
It was about 50F this morning with a light wind. The bay seemed very calm inspite of that wind. There are few ducks in the bay. The common mergansers are gone, not many coots - really pretty empty water other than geese. I saw two eagles high and south of the bay. I set straight away to scoop some more plastic from the north marsh. I had to push some logs out of the way, which is possible because of the high water level. I spotted a large patch of big stuff, but it has to wait as it is to far from the water and the bog will not hold my weight. Still, I collected 30 gallons and one tire without much problem. It seemed to be a Ziplock Baggie/tennis ball day - don't know why but there was an unusual concentration of baggies. Redwing Blackbirds kept me company. I love the raygun buzapp calls. I also saw some marsh wrens. I scooped another 15 gallons of this and that on the way back to the put-in.

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