Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Changing Weather

A pattern of ever changing weather is around for most of the week. It is in the 50F's with a moderate wind out of the south with large puffs of cumulus clouds and plenty of sun. I start out in Lake Union, first crossing the lake and then cruising downwind towards Gasworks Park. The centerpiece of the park is an old coal gasification plant from the early 1900's. It is what was thought to be "clean coal" at that time. It is illegal for me land on the shore here because of toxic sediment on the bottom of the lake surrounding the plant. One generation's "clean" is not really "clean" if it is poisonous to their children and grandchildren. I doubt that the new "clean coal" proponents can meet that standard.
After preaching to the choir, I continued east into Portage Bay, along the way picking up a plastic lawn chair that was blown into the lake during last nights storm. There is little boat traffic and the air is very fresh. I plan on just paddling - no garbage patrol, no map making.
While paddling through the cut into Union Bay, I spot two eagles ahead near Marsh Island. I think they are the same that I saw a few days back and not the mating pair. Yesterday I noticed an eagle nest south and east of the burial island. So, there may be a second set of nesting eagles. I change plans and take some key map points - might as well while I'm there and the weather is cooperating. The south lagoons will be difficult to map. Massive amounts of metal from man made structures throw my compass off and make it difficult to sight on key points (sighting is even more important when a compass bearing is impossible).

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