Friday, May 15, 2009


The view from the canoe of me towing the canoe.

This morning I set out to map more of the south lagoons. I'd like to get this finished so I can work on the arty part of the map. I back out of my first sight as those little red ants appear - they have an irritating bite and always seem to be around the only dry piece of bog to work from. (There's also some wood ducks and baby ducks peeping and a few herons). After a few points, I realize that the geometry is somewhat accurate, but the length of the first leg must be off, which puts the scale for everything else off - start over. I start over, working a different section of the lagoon. It's back and forth across the water, each time wedging the canoe into the bushes and drawing in sightlines. Visibility is blocked (a bridge) in many locations, so the work is not as much fun as it should be. After finishing up a section of the lagoons, I paddle out and through the cut. Not as many motorboats as there should be on such a nice day. I take out at the south end of Portage Bay, mostly because the walk home from there will be through a lot of park land.

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