Friday, May 8, 2009

I walked the canoe to the lake for the first time in a couple of weeks. The foot that I sprained wandering in the brush is good enough. There is a light wind from the northeast, an unusual direction for the wind to come from. Dark gray clouds mix with patches of blue. The reflections on the ripples are hypnotic, especially when close to shore and the trees get into the act. I spot a lone grebe a hundred yards ahead. I glance to my left and when I look back the grebe is gone. It is a couple of dozen strokes of the paddle before I spot it again, this time one hundred yards to my right. Although cloudy, it is a very nice fresh day and I think it strange to see very little boat traffic. As I leave Lake Washington for Union Bay, I begin my mapping project and work for the next hour and a half plotting the shoreline east of the burial island. I take only one point from outside the boat, the others I get by wedging the canoe into the marsh so that it doesn't rotate while I draw in the sighting. When it is time to go, I spot two eagles low on the north side of Marsh Island. They don't appear to be the mating pair that I am familiar with. I'm not sure what they are doing, but they are definitely busy. When I get a chance, I check out the spot that they were sitting, but there is no kill.


nsarmila said...

i am also an admiror of dark grey clouds....i too used to be hypnoticed at such scenaries...nice descriptions...sarmila.

Scott Schuldt said...

Where I grew up, in Minnesota, those dark clouds would keep you off the water because they usually meant a thunderstorm with lightning. Here in Seattle, they are just dark clouds and look so dramatic from the water. Clear blue skies are overrated.