Friday, February 16, 2018


I put in at the Foote Bridge, near the upper end of the canoeable section of the river after finding the road leading to the launch site at the sea flooded with the unusually high tide.  Even as I set out I decided not to paddle the full length knowing well enough that the ebb current would be a tough grind on the way back.  Instead, I used the very high water to explore the inlets and seldom flooded areas on the side of the main river.

It was calm and near 50 degrees.  I was thinking about how peaceful it was when a few Canada Geese disturbed it all honking their complaint about my presence.  I rethought that idea, and returned to the reality that it was quite peaceful - geese might be noisy, but they do not disturb the peace.

Other than a dozen Canada Geese, I spotted about the same number of Black Ducks, and one medium sized but unidentified hawk.

The wind came up just as I ended the trip.  A drop of 30 degrees and snow is in the forecast.

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