Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Mission

I had purpose today.  I put in at Pilgrim's Landing and headed up river into Lords Cove.  Cold weather, work, and travel have kept me off of the water for too long.  But, this day comes with sun and temperatures near 50F with wind that is not particularly bothersome.  I don my drysuit only because the water has a good deal of catching up to do with the air.
I occasionally flush a duck or a few Canada Geese.  It's Buffleheads, one or two Hooded Mergansers, some Blacks, and a couple of Common Mergansers.  Quiet.  There's a few hawks around, perhaps Broadwings, but I don't take time to identify them...hawks is close enough for today's mission.
My mission is the Eagle nest in the second large cove above the put in.  It is well hidden for something that is in plain sight.  I noticed it last year.  I've watched it since then.  The female is quite large, the females generally being bigger than the males.  These are especially good parents.  It is normal for one chick to fledge and excellent if two survive.  Last year, three chicks flew away from this nest.
I spot an Eagle from several hundred yards, the white head a spot of brilliance out of place in the top of the evergreen.  This is the time of year when Eagles lay eggs, and it does look like this one is tending.  It sits low in the nest and stays put for the ten minutes that I watch.  The mate is nowhere to be seen...likely out hunting for food until it is time to trade places.

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