Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Observations Day 2

I set out on the Lieutenant River heading upstream at the peak of a very high tide with a following wind.  It is again, a sunny day in the 50's with only a slightly stronger wind than yesterday.
I've seen Eagles farther up in the river, and there is a possible nest that seems a bit small, but I've never seen the nest directly associated with any of the Eagle sightings.  Right way I spot large birds in the air - Turkey Vultures.  There's at least six and possibly ten soaring near the river. 

When I get up to Boulder Swamp, which also forms a large pond at a bend in the river, an Eagle flies past and takes a perch in one of the trees on the west hillside.  There is a Red Tailed Hawk there as well and the Eagle vocalizes its disapproval.

Next, I head up the river into the forest to check on the beaver dam.  I pass the earlier mentioned nest but see no sign of life. There is a good deal of beaver activity, quite a few downed trees and several that are being worked on.  Chicken wire on some of the trees show that the neighbors are letting the beaver be while protecting some of the larger trees.  The best way to control beaver is to fool them into "behaving".   Anyway, the dam is in fine shape.  High water is topping the dam, but it is not breached.

On my way out I spot the head of an Eagle in the nest.  It is deep down, no wonder I missed it on the way up.  It appears to be tending eggs...not moving, just watching.  The mate is in a nearby tree and flies off as I pass.

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