Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Strong Ebb

It snowed during the night, not much, just an inch or so.
I put in at the sea and headed up against a very strong ebb current.  I had consulted the tide table as to timing of the tides, but I did not check the levels.  As there is no snow remaining in the spartina flats of the lower marsh, the tide was obviously quite high (the spartina is awash at the highest of tides).  This is the strongest current that I can remember on this river and at times I barely make headway.  I ferry back and forth across the river, using the downstream sides of bends where the current is lighter to speed my way up, such as it is.  A few times I catch a strong eddy and coast up against the flow.  It takes an hour to paddle the mile up to the railroad bridge.

On the way up
The temperature is in the lower 30's.  It is a solo canoeing experience.  The spartina has been trampled by earlier snows and the marsh has a disheveled appearance.  There are few birds - some gulls, a few ducks, and a nice sized flock of Canada Geese at the Big Bends.

I turn at the arched bridge.  Even after two hours the current is still strong.  It was for sure a very high tide.  The return is a quick and easy paddle.
-the tide was a 6.2...a half foot short of record high

On the way down

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