Monday, July 16, 2018

Paddling in Anger

I put in on North Cove in Essex not long after the bottom of a low tide.  I haven't started from here in several months, if not longer.  The cove is shallow and I run out of water at the mouth and have to wade about 50 yards in ankle deep mud.  But then I am in the main river and head up and across towards Ely's Ferry.

Already it is hot and the sun is strong.   I hug that east shore as close as possible taking in every patch of shade that I can get to.  At the mouth of Hamburg Cove there are 7 Great Blue Herons and a Great Egret on the bar.

I paddle in anger today.  It is work related anger, enough to keep me awake at night and enough that it's not worth the job unless the cause goes away.  Canoeing helps.  Seeing how beautiful the world is outside of the dumb-human world is good.  Some people have a real talent for screwing up the 50 sq ft of world that they surrounds them.

I paddle just barely into Eight Mile River, which is quite shallow at this tide level.
And then I return the way I came, but not exactly the way I came.

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