Friday, July 27, 2018

Osprey Check - Day 3

I set out specifically to observe the fledgling Osprey going through their continued flight training.  I don't intend to be out too long as it is hot, humid and sunny.  But, the Osprey are just not flying.  An adult here and there is seen aloft, but for the most part neither the adults or juveniles are flying.  Everyone is perched, as I suppose I should be. 
Common Tern
I flush Willets once in awhile as I paddle up the Neck River, Bailey Creek, and through the Sneak back into the East River.  Once I am upriver of the Sneak, I see no more Willets. 

At each of the bridges I pause for 2 or 3 minutes.  I have a light wind at my back and coming to a halt under the bridge doubles up the shade and breeze.  As I leave the bridge I mentally set my sights on the next bridge or next patch of trees overhanging the river.
Foote Bridge
Just below the Duck Hole Farms a Green Heron pops up out of the cattails and flies in its screwy dinosaur like manner over to the forest where I lose sight of it.  Normally there are several adult Osprey up here in the forest section of the river, but today it is just two. 

Green Heron
I take five under Foote Bridge, enjoying the quiet as well as the shade.  At the first major bend, next to the cedar swamp, I flush another Green Heron.  From then on I just paddle.  Back down through the Sneak, into Bailey, into the Neck and back to where I started.  There is still very little action going on in the salt marsh. One has to remember that I am not in charge of this whole thing.

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