Friday, July 13, 2018

Chapman Pond

Today, I did not write in the canoe.  I did not want the interruption.
I put in near the Chester-Hadlyme Ferry slip. The ferry holds about 6 cars tops.
I paddled upstream on a good strong flood current skirting the 50 foot tall forested cliffs taking advantage of all the shade that I could.  I spotted several Osprey, of course, and one mature Bald Eagle. 
South entrance to Chapman Pond
After maybe 3/4 of a mile or so I turned in on the lower and enjoyably meandering entrance to Chapman Pond, still being steadily pushed by the current as it tried to fill the pond through its two restricted openings. 
Chapman Pond
I exited the pond via the 19th century man-made channel and headed back downstream against that flood current and a headwind. 
I continued on down into the Selden Channel, which I had pretty much to myself until reaching the bottom end and turning back.  I had a tailwind and the last of the flood current to speed me along, at least until I was about a mile from the ferry slip.

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