Monday, April 23, 2018

Willet Counting

I put in near low tide and pick my way down through shallows from the Foot Bridge.  The river is probably running a bit higher than normal with spring rains and runoff as I clear the gravel flats without having to wade. 
Yellow- Legs
There are a good number of Greater and Lesser Yellow-Legs feeding on the exposed mud banks.  In fact, there are a lot more of them today than I have seen in many months. 

Just above the railroad bridge I spot a pair of Willets.  I continue down the main river as the Sneak is impassable at this water level.  I stop my Willet count when I get to the Neck Road launch - fifteen.
The distribution is uneven, most being within a 1/4 mile of the railroad bridge or close to the launch. 

I watched a pair engage in some interesting chirpering...I wonder if it is a precursor to mating, or a "get away from me" call.  In either case it was a different call than the usual squeeze toy laugh that they put out.
I return the way I came.  It is a remarkably pleasant and peaceful day.

Snowy Egret and 3 Great Egrets

Thursday, April 19   -  1 Willet
Monday, April 23  -   15 Willets

Add to the day a couple Plover, Kingfishers, and an Osprey running off a Red Tail Hawk.

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