Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cold Duck

It is about 40F and overcast most thickly with a light cold wind and a light ice cold sprinkle of rain coming down.  The weather service predicted snow and then 50F, but it seems that it can't do both on a day like this.  I am thoroughly surprised, shocked mind you, that no one else is on the river.  As I set out I think about how cold it will be when I am finished.
Osprey seem to have reoccupied all of the nests.  In fact, it is truly rare that I look in any direction without seeing one.  Even looking down I notice that I get the reflection of one somewhere above.  Some of the Osprey are having airborne territorial discussions.  I suppose that this is due to an unmated or nestless adult looking for a place to settle down.
The water is low enough to expose the old corduroy path in the Ox Meadow side of the river.  It occurs to me that the corduroy predates the mosquito channels as the channels cut through the path.  I'll have to figure out when those channels were trenched.
Corduroy Farm Trail - Ox Meadow
I head up the Neck and then up Bailey Creek as the tide approaches low.  In reality, both runs of water are more accurately creeks.  Together they combine to make a 2 hour trip, more if the tide is up.  I flush some ducks as I round some of the bends - a pair of Buffleheads, a pair of Hooded Mergansers, three Red Breasted Mergansers, a handful of Black Ducks.

When I run out of water in Bailey Creek I turn back heading up the Neck when I get to the fork.  I flush a pair of Green Winged Teal.  They are migrating through...don't spend the summers here.  As I head back out I think about what an excellent day this has turned out to be.

J is at the launch practicing fly casting.  We see each other every so often.  It has warmed up 10 degrees and taking out is not nearly so unpleasant as I expected.

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