Thursday, April 19, 2018

First Willet

A woman hiking with her dogs along the top of the high bank hollers down, "Keep your camera ready.  I've seen two eagles over the river today." 
I thank her for the tip and paddle on a hundred yards and spot a mature Bald Eagle as it lifts off from one of the riverside trees and heads down.
I paddle two hundred yards more and an Osprey dives into the water not more than ten yards to my left.
It is a great day.

I start photographing.  I will take one photo about every hundred yards or so until I reach the sea.

I spot the first Willet of the year.  It flushes from the small island in the Big Bends.  It flies off parallel to a Yellow Legs...a good visual for me to see the differences.  They are not difficult to identify, but it is nice to see them side by side. (I will see the Willet on the way back, in the same place.)
It begins to rain.  It is 41 degrees F.  It is a great day.
I use the Sneak to get to Bailey Creek.  I use Bailey Creek to get to the Neck River.  I use the Neck River to get back to the East River.  I use the East River to get back to the put-in at Foote Bridge, near where all the Footes are buried.

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