Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Most Fine Day

I paddle north from the west end of the Crossing Over Place. When I turn east I find 17 Canada geese, four widgeons and one female hooded merganser. As I paddle through the Crossing Under Place, I greet a man on shore pushing his red haired daughter in a stroller. I think how wonderful it was to see them here on such a fine day and a minute later, I wish I had said so. Five common mergansers wait at beginning of Union Bay. I head up the west shore and over and into the NE lagoon to retrieve a plaster animal track cast that I poured yesterday, but was too wet to be taken home then. I head back out and straight across the bay, directly into the calm, with the sun in my face. Ducks take wing behind me. An eagle is overflying the bay at 100 ft. It is not hunting, but everything in the bay seems to get up and fly to the other side. Just before the take out on the east end of the Crossing Over Place, I find two raccoons watching me. It is good to see them here on such a fine day, but I don't need to tell them so.

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Bonnie said...

I agree, a most fine day. I've been on my own journey, but it was good to catch up and take a virtual ride in your canoe.