Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lunch at the Lodge

I portage down the hill, to the east, to the big lake. As I near the water, glimpses of the lake through the trees turn the city filter on and the road becomes a trail.

It is mostly sunny and fairly calm. Just after I put in, I watch an eagle coming towards me from a mile out, across the lake. It is an immature bald eagle and it passes behind me, flying an unwavering straight line, going somewhere with a purpose. There are some buffleheads and goldeneyes along the shore. Once I round the point into Union Bay, I spot one of the eagles on a lamp post overlooking the east marsh. It seems that they are using different perches this winter than they did in the past. I have already cooked my breakfast off, so I stop up against #1 beaver lodge for lunch. It is a big lodge and one can paddle about 2/3 of the way around it. I head across the bay to #2 island to look for animal tracks in the mud, but don't find much. I find both eagles in the very tops of a pair of tall evergreens as I paddle to my take out at the east end of the Crossing Over Place.

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