Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heron Congregation

Rain gives way to sun, sun gives way to clouds. It is warm when I put in from the west end of the ancient portage. I head north through the west islands and find a heron congregation in progress. Eleven of them are standing on a point opposite the west point of #1 island and one or two stand on the island itself. I saw this happen about this time last year, although it was twice as many herons then. I will return over the next few days to watch this. I try carefully not to disturb them, but when one takes flight, the others follow.

The water level is up and so, I find more trash in the lake than normal because it floats free as the level rises. I finish the day with seventeen tennis balls.

I check the bank in the NE lagoon for tracks and find a busy trail of beaver prints, however, the morning rain has dimpled them and none are worth casting.

As I paddle south across the bay, a steady north wind lures me out into the big lake for a mile or so of downwind paddling.

It is time to re-varnish the thwarts.

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