Friday, March 13, 2009

Doin' arty stuff

Writing in the canoe today.
My sketch map experiment seemed to work, so today I am out getting some more compass bearings in Union Bay. I put in at the south lagoon. I head east to Madison Park point and north to Wilson Point. Then I follow the shore taking pairs of bearings at several locations. Now, I am drifting at the mouth of the NE lagoon. It is sunny, 50F and almost calm. What breeze there is is pushing me slowly into the lagoon. Lily pads are starting to push up - not yet at the surface though. Buffleheads are still around. It won't be long until they head north to the arctic coast. Time for a quick paddle to get me off the shore... I've seen no eagles yet. I did see 8 herons a the exit of the east channel at the burial island. Not too many other boats for such a nice day, although "the skipper" and his two children, Gilligan and Maryann, did throw a good wake at me when I crossed the shipping channel. I got out to look around in the lagoon and found the beaver track in the photo. The prints went deep enough into the soft mud that the tail smoothed the surface without erasing the tracks (the plastic camera case is about 8 inches long). I saw two killdeer, a kingfisher, a stellar's jay and a dunlin (I'm pretty sure). I also collected a 1/2 garbage can of junk. As I headed back, the wind picked up to almost 15mph, right in the face.

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