Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It's very calm and gray. It sprinkles, but so lightly that my wool pants dry as fast as the rain settles. I'm in the big lake. I'm paddling past opulence . I can't actually say that it is wealth or success. I never see the owners of these great lakefront homes. Not in the yards nor looking out the big windows that face the water. The only ones that seem to enjoy these choice properties are the gardeners and workmen that take care of them. Be careful of what you wish/work/aim for.
If that guy would shut off the lawnmower, it would be remarkably peaceful.
Up ahead, Gilligan jams the throttles on his big boat the second he gets to Wilson Point, where the speed limit ends. A cormorant projectile craps from a buoy and a DeHavilland Beaver passes over my right shoulder, its radial engine rumbling at 250 feet.
I see a condominium with minty blue glass used as balcony fence. The glass is the same color as "Tidy Bowl". Does the lake appear safe and sanitary from inside those apartments?
In Union Bay, the Coast Guard is busy messing about with buoys. Lots of swallows near shore. The bay is a melting pot of ducks today. More types than normal and in some cases, such as the mergansers, they are in bigger groups than I have seen. I stop and sit in the branches of the lunchcounter perch and drink coffee. The eagles are in the burial island perch, 3/4 mile south of me. Then I head over to the dirtberg, which has sunk a bit and not moved - it shouldn't have, 4 days of south winds should have pushed it to grounding. I will head to the south end of Lake Union today to take out. It is raining lightly, but it is very calm and I am washed out.


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