Monday, March 23, 2009

Dirtberg Movements

In the photo is the right half of the dirtberg in Union Bay. It has moved a hundred yards or so in the last 2 days. The above water portion is about 3 canoe lengths in diameter (40-45 feet). Most of the berg is below water and I can touch it 10 or 15 feet from the visible edge. Having risen from the lake bed, there is no vegetation on the berg. I did spot a large cobble and, of course, several litter items. For those in need of more info, from the dirtberg, the N. point (where the beaver is slowly cutting down a tree) is 042 deg true and the NE edge of the shell house is 303 deg true. The plan today was to paddle the bay quickly and jot down all of the birds that I saw. It was about 40F, but the wind came up soon after I started, so I noted birds for only about half of the paddle. Here they are, in order...

Mallards, Teal and Pied Billed Grebes,
Buffleheads and Canada Geese,
Crow, Widgeons and Hooded Merganser,
Gadwalls, Wood Duck, Violet Green Swallows,
Coots and Pidgeons and Cormorants,
Common Merganser and a Great Blue Heron,
Red Wing Blackbird and a bunch of Robins,
An unkown Sparrow and a Northern Flicker.

Of note, the Violet Green Swallows are here in force and have just migrated in from points south.

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