Wednesday, June 26, 2019

With No Separation

I put in near the sea.  The tide was dropping, but with a low tide coefficient (the difference between high and low tides) the ebb current would be minor.  The Sneak would be too shallow by the time I got up to it, so I stayed in the main river.  All the usual suspects were present- the Osprey and the Willets.  Young Osprey are standing up in the nests, but it will be a few weeks before they can fly.

Just above the RR bridge I flush a Glossy Ibis from close up.  At the Big Bends I spot a flock of about 30 Canada Geese.  Four or maybe six are adults, the rest are juveniles that now have the adult colors, but not the adult size.

The long trip of two days ago has prepared me nicely for today.  I slide easily into the meditative state of paddling.  The water passes by fast enough, the spartina smells of citrus in the summer heat, I flow, everything flows, things pass observed but not commented on.

Today, there is no separation between me and the canoe.

With the high low tide I paddle over the Gravel Flats.  I expected to wade.

A newly downed tree blocks the last 200 yards up to Foote Bridge.  It will be easy to clear.  I'll bring my saw next time.

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